Virtual CISO Services

Secure your Organization with a Virtual CISO

When hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Cybersecurity governance and strategy is not possible, partnering with CyberFore Systems Virtual CISO services will provide you with quick access to flexible security expertise in a cost-effective manner that benefits your organization.

Virtual CISOs are not just for organizations that do not have a security executive; CyberFore Systems Virtual CISO services can supplement your team to assist on a myriad of initiatives.

What is a Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)?  A Virtual CISO (vCISO) is a contracted security executive, CISO, to fill the role of a CISO on a part-time basis which can be remote and/or on-premise.  A vCISO comes with years of experience in an executive security role and will consult with the organization on information security issues ranging from strategy, governance, and collaborating on the implementation of initiatives to improve the organizations information security program and keep the Board and your executive leadership team informed.

There are several reasons organizations might select a Virtual CISO as an alternative to a full-time, permanent Chief Information Security Officer. Partnering with a CyberFore Systems Virtual CISO will provide you access to award-winning security expertise much more efficiently than a typical search for a full-time position, and the cost of hiring a Virtual CISO is far less than hiring a full-time executive. A Virtual CISO is flexible and can work on specific initiatives that will benefit your organization the most as well as scaling to meet organization needs.

CyberFore Systems Virtual CISO solution

A Virtual CISO from CyberFore Systems provides a readily accessible experienced CISO that can help your organization meet cybersecurity needs. Whether on-premise or remotely, a CyberFore Systems Virtual CISO will collaborate to develop or mature your security program, oversee existing projects, conduct due diligence reviews and assessments, and provide focused guidance for security related initiatives.

As a Veteran-Owned business, we understand trust and the need your organization must rely on a trusted partner.  Our Virtual CISO services will provide you a trusted partner to collaborate with your organization to develop information security strategies and align security programs with organization business priorities. With a coalition between our Virtual CISO services, trusted partner and security practitioners, and recommended solution providers, CyberFore Systems provides the security leadership expertise to deliver excellent results cost effectively through superior technologies and first-class service.  Our years of experience in industry and grasp of leading frameworks, sound best practices will help your organization design and information security program suited for your specific business objectives and help ensure superior outcomes for your organization; we are committed to helping you succeed.

Benefits of CyberFore’s Virtual CISO Service

Immediate access to award winning, multi-certified cybersecurity executive talent backed by years of experience

An unbiased expert opinion on the state of your cybersecurity programs

Efficiently assess maturity levels, risks, people, processes, and technologies for their effectiveness

Gain cost effective expertise and additional resources to quickly coordinate response to incidents

A resource that can supplement your current CISO or security executive to tackle additional initiatives