Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection and Response

By 2021, it is predicted that an organization will fall victim to a Ransomware attack every 11 seconds and costs will be at $20 billion which is 57X what cost were in 2015; that is staggering.  Can your organization afford to be one in the statistics? Companies have been put out of business as a result of a ransomware attack.  Ransomware has morphed from phishing blasts to targeted attacks developed solely for your organization or select individuals in your enterprise.

Ransomware, either crypto or locker, is one of the most crippling types of cyberattacks because it can lock you out of your system or important documents and files rendering you feeling helpless as it spreads across your enterprise like wildfire.  The most common way an attack occurs is either through a malicious link or attachment in email but can also occur by clicking on a malicious or infected internet site and/or links within the site.  Those that are lucky only have the system the email was opened on or linked clicked on infected, but many times the ransomware spreads across the network to other systems.

CyberFore Systems can help you put a Ransomware Protection and Response plan in place to ensure your enterprise is securing its networks and systems, securing your end-users, and able to respond to a ransomware attack and/or compromise.  Through our Ransomware Protection and Response services, our experts will ensure Ransomware response is integrated into your enterprise Incident Response Plan to complete a full lifecycle of Ransomware mitigation that builds cyber resilience into your overall Information Security Program.

Ransomware Protection and Response Services

  • Objectively evaluate the current state of readiness for Ransomware attacks
  • Define Goals and Objectives of your overall protection strategy
  • Integrate Ransomware protection into your Incident Response Plan
  • Review the processes, people and technologies to defend your organization
  • Help train employees on social engineering and reporting incidents
  • Develop a full lifecycle plan to respond and recover from an attack

Benefits of CyberFore’s Ransomware Protection and Response Services

Have an immediate understanding of your current ability defend against a ransomware attack

Integrate ransomware response into your organizations Incident Response Plan

Develop a specialized ransomware training and awareness program for your enterprise

Build cyber resiliency into your web, email, and infrastructure security solutions to protect you from ransomware

Develop a strong lifecycle management program to protect, respond to, and recover from ransomware attacks

Have resources to supplement your employees to respond to and recover from a ransomware incident