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At organizations, many times Incident Response needs come at a time when they least expect it and/or are the most unprepared.  Our proactive Incident Response services will help you move from being unprepared, not knowing the known to having a strategic and measured plan in place, tested real-world scenarios through exercises, and a full lifecycle program that allows you to continuously mature your Incident Response Program and achieve Cyber Resilience.

Our expert capabilities, through CyberFore Systems and our partner organizations, will provide you the guidance and perspectives to enhance your Incident Response Program to tackle today’s current cyber threats and threats observed globally.  CyberFore Systems will help your teams tailor your Incident Response Plan and Program to your business and operations allowing you to: 1) be prepared, 2) identify threats, 3) contain threats, 4) remediate the incident, 5) recover operations, and 6) post-mortem for continuous improvement.  You can rest easy knowing you are prepared and have built in cyber resiliency capabilities to respond to critical security incidents your organization faces.

We believe these quotes correspond to Incident Response and what is required of organizations in managing an Incident Response Program.

  • “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”, Benjamin Franklin
  • “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth.”, Mike Tyson
  • “Efficiency remains important, but the ability to adapt to complexity and continual change has become an imperative.”, General Stanley McChrystal
  • “At the end of all of this, it will be hard to tell if we did too much or overreacted but will be VERY APPARENT if we didn’t do enough or chose not to prepare and act.” – Anonymous

They speak to how you must plan, plan for things to not go as you planned, and that a perfect plan rarely comes to fruition.  Incident Response is about preparation; organizations must be prepared and have exercised their plan(s) with multiple scenarios.  If you are trying to decide who leads, who does what, who should you call, etc. during an incident, your planning is too late.  If there is anything, we have learned this decade, it is that it is never too early to expect the unexpected. CyberFore Systems is here to help you defeat the unexpected.

Security Incident Response Consulting Services

Benefits of CyberFore’s Incident Response Services

Align your program to global standards such as NIST, SAN, or FFIEC

Gain an unbiased perspective on the current state of your Incident Response Program

Develop an Incident Response Program to ensure Cyber Resiliency

Train on real-world cyber threat scenarios

Implement a Plan that ensures continuous evaluation and improvement