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  • Cyberattacks on the Lithuanian government and private institutions conducted by  the Russian cybercollective Killnet, and the group's possible collaboration with the Conti hacking gang, were shared on the Telegram messaging service ahead of a major DDoS attack Monday, according to cybersecurity company Flashpoint.Multiple attacks on Lithuanian entities have been claimed by Killnet on its Telegram […]
  • Last week Microsoft published an in-depth examination of the early cyber lessons learned from the war in Ukraine, offering fresh insight into the scope of Russia's malicious digital activities and new details about the sophisticated and widespread Russian foreign influence operations surrounding the war. Microsoft has been uniquely positioned to observe the digital landscape in […]
  • For Visa, successful fraud detection must happen in mere milliseconds.Its Visa Advanced Authorization (VAA) scoring service, one of the company’s most prominent offerings, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to score the likelihood that a transaction in progress is fraudulent.It does so in just 300 milliseconds, allowing customers and merchants alike to transact with […]

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  • Lotto New Zealand Chief Transformation Officer Sarah Thirlwall on creating a winning culture, staying curious, getting buy-in, and why it’s crucial to put deliverables against funding in any transformation journey. Watch this episode: #id62bb4a9215e94 .jw-wrapper::before { content: "IDG" !important; } Careers, CIO, CIO Leadership Live
  • Integrating modern data protection into the normal cycle of business is one of the best things you can do for your organization. But where do you start? That is the question. This article aims to provide you with a practical framework to improve your enterprise data protection. Start off by doing a data protection assessment […]
  • Karl Sprules has seen firsthand how employee expectations have reshaped the already tight market for tech talent. As global head of technology and operations at AllianceBernstein, Sprules, along with his leadership colleagues, are going the extra mile to ensure the financial services company can compete in today’s seller’s market for vital tech skills.  “I think […]