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  • Security researchers have found a privilege escalation vulnerability in pkexec, a tool that's present by default on many Linux installations. The flaw, called PwnKit, could allow attackers to easily gain root privileges on systems if they have access to a regular user without administrative privileges.Researchers from security firm Qualys who discovered and reported the vulnerability […]
  • Even criminals have an off day. After all, human-led ransomware attacks are just that; human. Which means the criminals behind them can often make errors.While ransomware adversaries can appear scary to defenders, with a lot of bravado to back up their threats, mistakes reveal that there are many examples of ransomware attacks that, unfortunately for […]
  • Edge is the concept that moves computing from a centralized model to a decentralized one, away from datacenter consolidation across cloud and infrastructure, applications, and workloads and closer to where data is generated or consumed. According to a new report from AT&T Business, edge network definitions and usage are in a state of flux across […]

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  • Two years ago, the pandemic brought on a rapid shift to remote work. Organizations accelerated digital transformation timelines to meet the new needs of both customers and employees, not knowing how long the new normal would last. In 2022, working from home is no longer a temporary solution. To ensure your teams have everything they […]
  • Few sectors rely on data analytics more than insurance, with all of its requirements for underwriting risk and calculating various “if this, then that” scenarios. And that is certainly true at the 170-year old life insurance company MassMutual. Gareth Ross, MassMutual’s head of enterprise technology and customer experience, sat down with’s Clint Boulton to […]
  • Zoetis is a $6.7 billion global animal health business that was founded 70 years ago. The company sells its medicines, vaccines, diagnostic tests, and genetics in more than 100 countries to help animals live healthier, more productive lives. More recently, the company began deploying AI and other digital technologies to address the real-world challenges faced […]