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  • MLflow, an open-source framework that's used by many organizations to manage their machine-learning tests and record results, received a patch for a critical vulnerability that could allow attackers to extract sensitive information from servers such as SSH keys and AWS credentials. The attacks can be executed remotely without authentication because MLflow doesn't implement authentication by […]
  • The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued advisories on 49 vulnerabilities in eight industrial control systems (ICS) this week, which are used across multiple critical infrastructure sectors.The vulnerabilities identified by CISA were tracked in products from ICS providers including Siemens, Hitachi, Rockwell, Delta Electronics, VISAM, and Keysight.To read this article in full, […]
  • Cybersecurity is a demanding profession that comes with significant stress and burnout — it presents a complex problem for many businesses, with constantly evolving threats, ambiguous issues, and no clear-cut solutions. Security professionals bear a great deal of responsibility and are subject to long hours of work and high pressure in an unpredictable and constantly […]

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  • How many IT services vendors do you rely on? Splitting responsibility for the IT organization into multiple outsourcing vendors, overseen (or overlooked in some unfortunate cases) by a small IT management team, has become a popular practice. Hardly “best practice” — a meaningless but popular justification for doing things a certain way — but popular […]
  • You might think that senior-level IT leaders have a lock on the art of landing jobs. After all, that’s partly how they reached such lofty heights, right? But you’d be wrong. CIOs, vice presidents, directors — all make similar mistakes when they are on a job prowl, executive recruiters say. The two most common, and […]
  • Companies around the world are being urged to close the digital gender gap, especially after International Women’s Day. Although progress has been made, the gap remains in many countries, prompting questions about whether those in the industry are doing enough to address it. The development of new technologies has created demand for specialized workers with […]