Learn about cybersecurity through the recent tales and observations of seasoned professionals.

Madhu Maganti, ABIP Partner in Charge of Cybersecurity and Technology Advisory Services, and Marc Crudgington, CISO of Woodforest National Bank, will review cybersecurity-related experiences throughout the pandemic to help prepare your organization to better mitigate Information Security related risks in a post-COVID environment.

The Event Will:

  • Outline changing threat vectors in a remote-oriented society.
  • Discuss areas where your organization may be most vulnerable.
  • Present several scenarios, and how to best remediate them.
  • Reveal how a data breach can affect your organization.

Participants Will Walk Away With:

  • Knowledge to mitigate common cyber risks.
  • An overview of how the pandemic has changed the way criminals target organizations.
  • Best practices that can be applied throughout their organization.
  • Tips on how to transition back to normal or maintain security while working remotely.
  • Next steps to creating a robust security posture within the organization.