2020 was a year many of us would like to forget. The year began and ended with two events that caused chaos in the “normalcy” of cybersecurity practitioners. I am referring to the COVID-19 pandemic and the SolarWinds breach.

How many of us had a pandemic in our incident response plan and actually went through an exercise? And how many of us really scrutinize our fourth parties (third-parties contractors and partners) in a manner that provides comfort in their security posture?

It is my hope that both community bank practitioners of cybersecurity as well as as non-practitioners will become more aware of today’s immense cyber risks. It is not just the security teams’ job to protect bank assets, but all employees involved in protecting a a bank’s share-holder value customer and employee data, assets.

We are all familiar with many of the major breaches that have occurred in recent years from Equifax, Microsoft, Chase, US OPM, and on and on. Your neighborhood community bank…