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Virtual CISO Services

Our Virtual CISO – Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Services provides experienced CISOs that deliver strategic comprehensive cybersecurity and leadership professionalism for companies that require experienced CISOs to deliver results in planning, building, executing, and managing successful cybersecurity programs.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Consulting Services provide you with wide-ranging input from experienced CISOs on your security posture with assessments, roadmaps, and strategies for your data protection and cyber technologies.

Incident Response and Data Privacy Consulting

Our Incident Response and Ransomware Consulting Services will help you develop a robust plan to prepare for cyber-incidents and ransomware attacks. Our services help you develop comprehensive action plans pre and post incident.

Advanced Threats Force a

New Cyber Security Model

Executive Leadership

Virtual CISO

Readily available access to former CISOs providing cost-effective security leadership.

  • Immediate and continuous access to executive talent helping you align your cybersecurity program with business goals.
  • An impartial advocate as to the efficacy of current programs.
  • Rapid assessment of cybersecurity risks, governance, and posture.

Analyst to Management

Cybersecurity technology evolves quickly and so do today’s cyber-threats. You require an experienced partner you trust to provide advice and guidance throughout all areas of your cybersecurity program, today, tomorrow, and in the long-term.  Award winning CISOs and talent built on the principles of trust and collaboration with advanced degrees, multiple certifications, and US Government Security Clearances.


Protect, Detect, Respond, Mitigate

Engaging with our experienced cybersecurity experts will assess your program from holistic point of view that understands the treats you face.  Our approach understands your unique level of risks and will adapt to requirements or regulations you must meet.


Advanced and Comprehensive

Advanced technologies that utilize robust technology such as artificial intelligence – machine learning, behavior analytics, and automated remediation can help your team stay ahead of today’s threats giving them the visibility and time to mitigate the breach to breach response gap.

Create Efficiencies Not Work,

Return Time Not Excuses

Make the 1-10-60 rule work for you and close the breach to breach response gap.  The breach to breach response gap is the time a threat actor lands on your infrastructure to the time you can response.  Closing this gap to a minimal amount of time is paramount to reducing the threat actor from compromising other machines.

  • Implement solutions to detect an intrusion in under 1 minute
  • Develop processes to investigate the incident fully in under 10 minutes
  • Train your security staff to remediate in less than 60 minutes

Our Leadership Team

Experienced, trusted, multi-certified, and award-winning executive leaders who have years in the CISO role and Executive Management to all levels of the technology stack, from analyst to engineer to upper management.  Our leaders, advisors, and partners are back by many years of experience in various fields for companies that range in size from government, enterprise, and startups who will work together as a team with your company to provide security solutions that mitigate threats.

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